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Research Activities


  • To improve quantitative accuracy of clinical protocols conducted using commercially available SPECT cameras.
  • To establish imaging and data-processing protocols to support inter-institutional consistency in clinical examinations using existing SPECT systems.
  • To support quantitative assessment of various functional-parametric images, such as regional cerebral blood flow, vascular reactivity, myocardial perfusion, myocardial flow reserve, binding potentials for various neuro receptor ligands.
  • To support multi-center clinical trials which employ SPECT equipments.


  • Development of a software package of quantitative SPECT reconstruction
  • Standardization of a protocol of quantitative assessment of CBF and CVR using SPECT cameras for clinical diagnosis of ischemic cerebral disease
  • Quantitation of neuro receptor binding potentials using SPECT
  • Confirmation of inter-institutional consistency, in regard to the normal CBF and CVR values and reproducibility
  • Promotion of the need for quality control in clinical SPECT
  • Validation of quantitative assessment of regional myocardial perfusion and coronary flow reserve with CT/SPECT
  • Development of various physical phantoms for evaluating SPECT accuracy