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Application to hemodynamic ischemia

1. Yoneda H et al., Reproducibility of cerebral blood flow assessment using a quantitative SPECT reconstruction program and split-dose (123)I-iodoamphetamine in institutions with different γ-cameras and collimators. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab, In press, 2012
(Inter-institutional, inter-equipment reprpducibility of CBF and CVR measured by QSPECT/DTARG)
2. Iida H et al., Estimation of the arterial blood radioactivity concentration using the whole body-to-Arterial blood partition coefficients and the cross-calibration factor in 123I-iodoamphetamine SPECT -towards a noninvasive clinical protocol with the QSPECT-DTARG method. Kakuigaku 49:49-58, 2012
(Non-invasive quantitation in QSPECT/DTARG and its validation using TTAC analysis)
3. Iida H et al.  Multicenter evaluation of a standardized protocol for rest and acetazolamide CBF assessment using quantitative SPECT reconstruction program and split-dose 123I-IMP. J Nucl Med Vol.51; 1624-1631, 2010
4. Iida H ,et al., The validity and value of a quantitative SPECT reconstruction package (QSPECT) for multi-center clinical trials. 16. Jpn J Neurosurg (10):742-752, 2007
5. Kim KM et al. Quantitative mapping of basal and vasareactive cerebral blood flow using split-dose 123I-iodoamphetamine and single photon emission computed tomography. Neuroimage 33(4):1126 -1135, 2006

Application to Neuro-Receptor Imaging

1. Fujita M, Ichinose M, van Dyck CH, Zoghbi SS, Tamagnan G, Mukhin AG, Bozkurt A, Seneca N, Tipre D, DeNucci C, Iida H, Vaupel B, Horti AG, Koren AO, Kimes AS, London KE, Seibyl JP, Baldwin RM, Innis RB. Quantification of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in human brain using [123I]5-I-A-85380. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging; 30:1620-1629, 2003
2. Kim KM, Varrone A, Watabe H, Shidahara M, Fujita H, Innis RB and Iida H. Contribution of scatter and attenuation compensation to SPECT images of nonuniformly distributed brain activities. J Nucl Med 44:512-519,2003.
3. Fujita M, Varrone A, Kim KM, Watabe H, Zoghbi SS, Seneca N, Tipre D, Seibyl JP, Innis RB, Iida H. Effect of scatter correction on the compartmental measurement of striatal and extrastriatal dopamine D2 receptors using [123I]epidepride SPET. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 31:644-654, 2004
4. Fujita M, Ichise M, Soghbi SS, Liow J-S, Ghose S, Vines D, Sangare J, Lu J-Q, Cropley VL, Iida H, Kim KM, Chohen RM, Bara-Jimenez W, Ravina B, Innis RB. Widespread decrease of nicotinic acetylchline receptors in Parkinson’s Disease. Ann Neurol 59(1): 174-177, 2006

Validation of QSPECT reconstruction

1. Iida H, Eberl S, Kim KM, Tamura Y, Ono Y, Nakazawa M, Sohlberg A, Zeniya T, Hayashi T, Watabe H. Absolute quantitation of myocardial blood flow with 201Tl and dynamic SPECT in canine: optimisation and validation of kinetic modelling. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging. 35:896-905, 2008
2. Iida H, Shoji Y, Sugawara S, KinoshitaT, TamuraY, Narita Y and Eberl S. Design and Experimental validation of a Quantitative myocardial 201Tl SPECT System. IEEE Trans Nucl Sci 46:720-726,1999.
3. Iida H, Narita Y, Kado H, Kashikura A, Sugawara S, Shoji Y, Kinoshita T, Ogawa T and Eberl S. Effects of scatter and attenuation correction on quantitative assessment of regional cerebral blood flow with SPECT. J Nucl Med 39:181-189,1998
4. Iida H et al. Quantification in SPECT cardiac imaging. J Nucl Med 44(1): 40-42, 2003
5. Iida H and Eberl S. Quantitative assessment of regional myocardial blood flow with thallium- 201 and SPECT. J Nucl Cardiol;5:313-331,1998.

Adequacy of TDCS scatter correction

1. Narita Y, Eberl S, Iida H, Hutton BF, Braun M, Nakamura T and Bautovich G. Monte Carlo and experimental evaluation of accuracy and noise properties of two scatter correction methods for SPECT. Phys Med Biol 41:2481-2496,1996.
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5. Shidahara M, Watabe H, Kim KM, Hachiya T, Sayama I, Kanno I and Iida H. Impact of attenuation and scatter correction in SPECT for Quantification of cerebral blood flow using 99mTc-Ethyl cystenate dimer. IEEE Trans Nucl Sci 49:5-11,2002.

CBF quantitation technique

1. Iida H, Ito H, Munaka M, Bloomfield PM, Higano S, Murakami M, Inugami A, Eberl S, Aizawa Y, Kanno I and Uemura K. A clinical method to quantitative CBF using a rotating gamma camera and I-123 amphetamine (IMP) with one blood sampling. Euro J Nucl Med 21:1072-1084,1994.
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4. Ito H, Ishii K, Atsumi H, Kinoshita T, Kawashima R, Ono S, Yoshioka S, Iida H, Uemura K and Fukuda H. Error analysis of Table Look-Up method for cerebral blood flow measurement by 123I-IMP brain SPECT: Comparison with conventional microsphere model method. Ann Nucl Med 9:75-80,1995.
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Deadtime for I-123

1. Matsumoto M. Deadtime correction in gamma camera imaging. Igakubutsuri20: sppl 4: ,316-319,2000